Daniel Bartle is sole proprietor, artist and illustrator for Lucid Arts.  He is an award winning illustrator, specialized in architectural renderings, mural paintings, cartoon and comic illustrations, and other things pertaining to hip hop and the visual arts culture in general.  Most recently, he was honored with The American Society of Architectural Illustrators AIP 24 Award of Excellence, a recognition of outstanding artistic capability in the field of architectural illustration.  A former employee of HOKsve, he is experienced working in both traditional and digital media, on a breadth of demanding, time sensitive project types.

A graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute, (2002, Painting BFA) he developed interests early on in classic portraiture, landscapes, oil painting, comic books, and graffiti, which still permeate his work today.  His breadth of experience & disciplines results in a one of a kind approach to today’s everchanging visual arts culture.

Lucid Arts is a Kansas City based company dedicated to unique marketing and design solutions.  We participate in a broad spectrum of project types, specializing in anything from architectural illustration to murals, fine arts, graphic design, branding and logo design.

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  1. Jared G says:

    I like the album cover art work. The Johnny Quest, Chain Smoke album art cover reminds me a little of Mac Lethal’s LP2 original artwork. Rad man, fucking talented. The Barbershop mural is very vibrant.

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