Cafe Seed Live Art Painting

Cafe Seed had its grand opening not too long ago.  I participated by producing a live arts piece, along with fellow artists Daniel Ordonez and William Willmott.


pig sketch

I started out with this drawing from an old sketch book, having wanted to produce it for a long time.  I’d only have 4 hours to produce the painting.  So I couldn’t achieve the detail I might have hoped to.  But I figure there’s no harm in revisiting a painting down the road, so this was a first go at it.


I decided to go in with spray paint, for its quick application.  Unfortunately, my can control is only so good, and I wasted a decent amount of time fixing drips and over spray.


Then went over top with my new favorite, Montana Hardcore markers.  God, they’re great.  You can get pretty good articulation, and the paint applies pretty thick.  Here’s the final:


Viola!  Gluttonous consumption.  For sale at Cafe Seed, $325.  So affordable, and Christmas is just around the corner, haha.

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  1. Hana Friend says:

    Gluttony is awesome!

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